Review Policy/ Contact

Review Policy/Contact Me

Currently, I have only been reading books that I have bought or books that I have borrowed from others. However, I am very much open to requests and would be happy to review books from authors and publishers. Are you an Indie author or self-published? I would be more than happy to take your requests too!

My favorite genres:
Chick-Lit, YA and Adult Contemporary, YA and Adult Paranormal Romance, YA romance, and Erotic Romance. (Now, I do like a good erotica book...but, please, let there be a story line and good characters. I don't read them just for the sake of a sex scene.)

What you can expect from my review:
I read to relax and escape! Entertainment is what I get out of books so when I review you will get my feelings about the book. I have occasionally come across some books I just don't like but I have rarely not finished a book. If I am unhappy or not thrilled with your book, I can't promise a good review. I write what I feel and want my followers to have an honest review. My reviews are spoiler free. (I don't like having it ruined for me so why do that to someone else?!)

Formats Accepted:
Bound Books
eBooks (any format but I prefer PDF or ePUB)

Reviews Posted At:
Nose In A Book [blog]
Karen [Nose In A Book Blog] GoodReads

I am open for cover reveals, book tours, and author interviews.

Contact Me:
Still interested? Drop me an e-mail at:
I will contact you within 72 hours of receiving the e-mail

FTC Guidlines:
In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, I'd like everyone to know that the books featured /discussed on my blog were either provided by the publisher/ author for free OR were purchased by me.
The book's price DOES NOT influence my opinion of the book/author. I also do not get any type of rembursment for the review I supply.
Thank you!

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