Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taking Shots

In this standout debut novel from Toni Aleo, we see how insecurities from the past can effect our future. Elli Fisher has been hurt, emotionally and physically, by former loves and her family. After overcoming a medical issues, she stood on her own for so long that she doesn't quite know how to trust others and believe that their intentions are honest... which is where Shea Adler comes in. He is smitten from the beginning but has a difficult time getting past Elli's insecurities. He uses all the tools a his disposal to win her- his wit & charm, his sister, and her friend.

Elli is a real woman... she's not blond and a size four! I can actually put myself in her shoes because she is real. She's had major issues that she tries to keep hidden but, like the rest of us, her problems surface more often than she would like.

Shea... what can I say about Shea. He is what we all hope (and dream) a professional athlete can be. He's hot and sexy. He's charming and sensitive. He's shy and humble. He's confident and knows what he wants, he wants Elli.

This was an awesome read. The pacing was nice and even. You felt anxious for Elli & Shea to get where you wanted them to go but it wasn't rushed. I've read some books where the h/h fall in love and are engaged within a week. Like that's realistic. "Taking Shots" has the feel of a real life romance with all it's ups and downs. Shea and Elli also show real emotions. They laugh. They cry. Most importantly, they have fun together (like at the Dance-Off at Shea's condo... you'll know when you get there). There is also a great side story between the best friends.
It is a slightly longer book, which I enjoy, as a can finish a Harlequin size novel in less than a day sometimes. This took me two.

All in all, an awesome book. One of my favorite. Cannot wait for "Trying to Score" to release in April 2012.

I own this book.
I would recommend for Adult.
5/5 Stars- GoodReads: It was amazing!

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