Monday, March 12, 2012

Teaser from Toni Aleo's upcoming "Trying to Score"

Monday Teaser!

Only 7 Mondays left! I’m so excited! Eeekk! The winner from last week is: Leafsgirl!!!!!
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Now enough talking and off to the teaser. I absolutely LOVE Audrey, who is Fallon’s sister and this is a really good teaser of hers.
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“Watching the show,” she said pointing to across the lawn. “Not only am I intrigued by the fact that he is movin’ in at 11 o’clock at night, but the dude is sexy Fal! Like super sexy, Antonio Banderas sexy.”
“Oh Lord,” Fallon groaned as she rolled her eyes and laid her briefcase down beside her sister. She slowly slid her boots off, standing on the cold sidewalk in her socks.
It felt great after the night she had.
Fallon glanced over at the guy and saw that he was older, way older.
“Jeez Audrey, he’s like 45…eww.”
Audrey laughed. “Nah, but late thirties for sure though.”
“Still you’re only 27. Go find someone your age.”
“No, guys are stupid at my age. I want a man with some age to him, someone that knows their way around the bedroom.”
Fallon scoffed at that. “Good luck with that! Older men can’t keep it up without help, which would involve you giving a lot of head or him going on medication, or both.”
“Oh yeah,” Audrey said as a look of disgust came over her face, “back to men my age.”
Hope you enjoyed! See you next Monday!

Blatantly copied from Toni Aleo's website!   :)

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